Minsk Prefecture attaches importance to the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry in Zhongbai Industrial Park

发布于: 2021-09-23 00:00

Zhongbai Industrial Park September 23

On September 22, Turchin Alexander, chairman of Minsk regional Executive Committee, met with CAI Chuanqing, President of Jintai Academy of culture.



At the symposium, Turchin said that China is a strategic partner of Belarus and Minsk state, and the China Belarus Industrial Park is located in Minsk state, which will deepen the mode of cooperation between Belarus and China. At present, the Belarusian government is having an active dialogue with President Cai Chuanqing on the establishment of a sub Park of traditional Chinese medicine in the park and has reached an agreement.


President Cai Chuanqing expressed his gratitude to the Belarusian government for its support for the development of traditional Chinese medicine in the park. He hoped that in the future, traditional Chinese medicine could be planted and produced not only in the park, but also in the whole of Belarus. At the same time, he would also vigorously promote large Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to invest and develop in the park.


After the talks, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation.



During the talks, President Cai Chuanqing also introduced to President Tulchin the Qing Qing soft capsule, which was planned to produce in the park. The capsule has proved the effectiveness of the treatment for COVID-19 in the practice of epidemic prevention in Ukraine, Russia and other countries.


Karojev, the first deputy general manager of the park development company, attended the above meeting.



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