General manager Yan Gang attended the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation framework agreement between Jintai Academy of literature, new era Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Nanyue Natural Medicine Co., Ltd

发布于: 2021-07-30 00:00

On July 30, with "cloud" as the medium and "network" as the bridge, the cooperation signing ceremony between Jintai Academy of Arts, new era biotechnology company and Nanyue natural medicine company, an enterprise in Zhongbai Industrial Park, was grandly held online. Cai Chuanqing, President of Jintai Academy of culture, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xie Pei, general manager of Nanyue Natural Medicine Co., Ltd. Yan Gang, general manager of China Belarus Industrial Park Development Company, was invited to attend the signing ceremony online and make meetings and exchanges.



Guests attending the signing ceremony included Wang Yuhang, general manager of CAMCE, Yang Shaoling, vice chairman of Guangdong Yijian group, Zhou Hao, Minister of Investment Department of Nanyue group, Xie Shufeng, chairman of Nanyue Natural Medicine Co., Ltd.



In October 2018, when general secretary Xi Jinping inspected Zhuhai Hengqin, he pointed out that Chinese medicine is the treasure of Chinese civilization. We should further explore the essence of the treasure house of Chinese medicine, promote the integration of production, teaching and research, promote the industrialization and modernization of Chinese medicine, and bring the Chinese Medicine into the world. The outline of the development plan for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council also clearly proposes to support the construction of the development platform of Macao's traditional Chinese medicine science and technology industry, deepen cooperation in the field of traditional Chinese medicine at home and abroad, and promote the standardization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine. In January 26, 2021, general secretary Xi Jinping exchanged views with President Lukashenka of Belarus, and put forward the proposal of building a new development pattern and carrying out more cooperation in the fields of epidemic prevention, economy and trade, education, science and technology, culture, and local areas. We will strengthen cooperation between China and Belarus in traditional medicine and build an international service system for inheriting and innovating traditional Chinese medicine.

One belt, one road, will be deployed in the next step. The natural drug companies will be working with Jintai Wen Yuan and new era biotechnology company to carry out the next step in the field of international standards of medicinal herbs testing, trade in traditional Chinese medicine, the health products of traditional Chinese medicine, the promotion of "one belt and one road", and the strengthening of the Sino white Industrial Park as a platform for the development of health and health cooperation between China and Europe.


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