Comments: support for start-ups, preference for investors and simplification of land relations -- korodeyev on legal innovation in the development of "boulder" Industrial Park

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On June 11, the head of state of (Belarus) signed Decree No. 215 to improve the laws and regulations aimed at improving the investment environment of "boulder" in China Belarus Industrial Park. The document approved a provision to implement administrative procedures, expand their activities, support start-ups and invest $50 million or more from local authorities. Kiril korodeyev, the first deputy general manager of China Belarus Industrial Park Development Company, introduced the innovation of the decree to Belarus news agency.


Kiril korodeyev said: "Symbolically, the decree came into force three months after its promulgation - People's Solidarity Day on September 17. This is the fourth edition of the decree on China Belarus Industrial Park: 2012, 2014 and now - from May 12, 2017, No. 166, as in the past, the new deal was formulated in close cooperation with China, the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, representatives of units entering the park and the business community. This proves that The stability of attitude towards residents - their suggestions are heard and implemented in practice ".


According to him, the main changes are aimed at expanding the power and greater independence of the management organization of the industrial park "The park adopts a three-level management mode and is led by the Intergovernmental Committee to formulate the park development strategy. The strategy is implemented by the park management department and the Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd., of which 68% belong to the state machinery group and China Merchants Group. The company is responsible for the construction and operation of engineering and transportation infrastructure, providing plots and finished real estate, and providing public utilities." 。


According to the new law, the power of the management department of the industrial park has been expanded. The first deputy general manager explained: "there are 58 administrative procedures implemented by the local government (97 of them) It will be implemented by the industrial park management department. This will reduce the time required to obtain the necessary licenses and fully implement a principle. Window in practice. In turn, the joint venture will perform a number of technical functions. Inherent in the scope of ukss land - distribution of technical conditions and requirements, collection of construction licenses, comprehensive engineering ".


The provisions of the document apply to all enterprise representatives - large, medium and small. Kiril korodeyev stressed: "for large (anchored) enterprises with a value of US $50 million or more Project, providing additional benefits: zero tax rate shall be applied to dividends within 10 years from the date of payment, the preferential cost of land plots when purchasing private land, and the possibility of applying some special simplification in the field of customs. According to the separate decision of the government, enterprises outside the park can also take advantage of the benefits, as long as they participate in the capital and residents Production process ".


The decree also aims to further simplify land relations and construction activities. He added: "the time frame for national review of project documents is being shortened, and the procedures for approving project documents are being simplified. The requirement for mandatory preparation of budget estimate documents as part of the project has been cancelled, as well as the plot of land when the preliminary approval and allocation of land connect the industrial park facilities to the backbone network".


Therefore, investors who intend to build their own production facilities in the park will be able to do this as soon as possible. At present, about 230 hectares of land with complete infrastructure is used for the site selection of production facilities; about 160 hectares of land has signed lease and sale agreements with residents.


For representatives of medium-sized enterprises planning to implement projects in the leased area, the decree also provides concessions, especially the right to deduct and refund value-added tax when purchasing or importing goods for equipping the park facilities. The representative of the industrial park development company said: "At present, about 40% of the residents operate in the leased area. The joint venture has built and provided investors with 9 general production buildings with a total area of 87000 square meters.".


A large number of innovations are aimed at supporting small enterprises with innovative ideas and development. He said: "By introducing the concept of innovation activity subject in the park, its project will enjoy the main interests of Jushi residents within two years, which will significantly improve its success rate from creativity to business implementation. It will stimulate the financing of such start-ups and provide additional benefits to venture organizations registered in the park - up to 2062 when transferring shares or equity in the authorized capital of innovation entities located inside and outside the park Years ago they were exempt from income tax.


In addition, in order to build a financing plan for start-ups in the park, British legal tools - options, option agreements and convertible loans are introduced. Experts explained: "investors can provide loans in exchange for the future share of such start-ups (convertible loans) To finance start-ups, or to agree to certain legally meaningful actions (options, option agreements) "when the enterprises implementing such projects achieve certain results in the future.


For the placement and incubation of such start-ups, the joint venture proposed an innovation center with an area of about 19000 square meters, and China provided almost free technical and economic assistance.


Kiril korodeyev drew attention to: "The decree expands the main areas of Park activities, including industrial creation and development in the fields of biopharmaceutical, medical products, medical services and laboratory diagnosis, as well as the use of 5g technology and artificial intelligence in all fields. The activities of the park, create sub park infrastructure to attract start-ups, residents and investors, and organize the development of driverless vehicle transportation".


In this case, the most important innovation is the special condition for the development of medical activities. The first deputy general manager of the company said: "In the park, foreign drugs, medical equipment, products and treatment methods can be used to provide medical services without registration in Belarus and obtaining a medical activity license. Foreign experts can provide services without passing a special Russian or Belarus examination, as long as they prove the qualification and educational background of relevant foreign countries".


For manufacturing enterprises, the conditions are greatly reduced, and the procedures of drug and medical device registration, re registration, changing medical files and carrying out clinical trials are simplified.


The expert stressed: "these norms have opened up broad opportunities for the development of medical and pharmaceutical clusters in the park, mainly in the field of traditional Chinese medicine".


Today, 12 residents in the area have registered in the park, including new era Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, which is established by Xishan Qingxue company and Jintai cultural and Economic Research Institute, the oldest manufacturer of these drugs.


The decree will also allow to attract other major players in the market, such as pianzi Huang, the largest manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine, with total assets of about US $40 billion.


Kiril korodeyev said: "generally speaking, this direction will allow the development of medical tourism sector, especially considering the areas for the construction of clinics and various medical institutions specified in the master plan of the park, such as in the field of rehabilitation - the medical village not far from volmyansk reservoir".


So far, 71 units from 13 countries have entered the park, with a declared investment of more than US $1.25 billion. All participants have invested more than US $670 million in the project, accounting for the lowest - 5% of the budget investment, and the budget funds are used for the external infrastructure at the park boundary. About half of the enterprises entering the park have started production, created more than 1600 jobs, and the average wage is about 27% 00 rubles ".


The deputy general manager concluded: "due to the adoption of the decree, it is planned to start the second stage of Park Development (417 hectares) in the next five years, increase the number of residents to 170 and the number of employees to about 5000, and ensure the investment of nearly US $1 billion and the annual export volume to US $350 million within five years".


Source: white news agency, Russian version of the official website of China Belarus Industrial Park, etc


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