Establishment background

Jintai Academy of Arts is a social service institution directly under the Ministry of civil affairs of the people's Republic of China, which was established in 2013 with the approval of the Ministry of civil affairs of the people's Republic of China. It cooperates with many universities and well-known enterprises at home and abroad to jointly create a comprehensive open platform with the purpose of rejuvenating Chinese culture and integrating various resources and forces. It is a comprehensive cultural institution with the purpose of inheriting and carrying forward China's excellent traditional culture.

Main functions

Policy theory research, cultural project cooperation, art exchange and communication, traditional Chinese medicine culture research, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine, and international consulting and planning of traditional Chinese medicine industry.

Vision mission

Two thousand and five hundred years ago, King Yan Zhao built a high platform and "placed thousands of gold on it to Yantian corporal" and the name "Jintai" came from it. Jintai Academy of Arts will inherit its spirit of recruiting talents and carrying Tao through literature, base itself on the present, keep pace with the times, find the coincidence point between culture and economy, strive to transform excellent traditional culture into productivity in line with the context of the times, and help realize the Chinese dream.



Policy Research Department



Ministry of traditional culture



Film and television media department



Enterprise consulting department



Charity Department



TCM research Department



  • 2018年
    Committed to deepening Sino Ukrainian cultural, educational and medical cooperation, signed strategic agreements on cultural and artistic cooperation with the government of Sumi Prefecture of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Institute of international education and Ukrainian international cultural media, and Mr. Cai Chuanqing, the legal representative, won the Presidential Medal of Ukraine

    Signed a cooperation agreement with Badachu, a national 4A scenic spot and the first batch of key cultural relics protection units in Beijing, and presided over the overall planning of Badachu Park for improving quality and efficiency and the creation of business formats.

  • 2015年
    As one of the initiators and directors, China Social Governance Research Association was established. China Social Governance Research Association is a national, non-profit academic organization voluntarily formed by professional institutions, enterprises, institutions, social organizations and individuals engaged in social governance academic research, teaching training and consulting services under the supervision of the Ministry of civil affairs to study the theory and practice of social governance and serve the innovation of social governance system. It aims to deeply study the major theoretical and practical issues of social governance closely around the central tasks of the party and the state, and provide theoretical support and decision-making consulting services for improving the theory of social governance with Chinese characteristics, accelerating the formation of a scientific and effective social governance system, and promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity.

    In addition to launching the pilot project of medical assistance for "three orphans" of ethnic minorities in Western China and providing free medical assistance for ethnic minority areas such as Qinghai and Ningxia, it is planned to recruit and train "the most beautiful rural doctors" with comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine knowledge and clinical ability throughout the country to provide relevant services for areas with imperfect medical security.

    Join hands with China Railway Real Estate Group and Qingdao municipal government to build the China Railway Qingdao World Expo City project, which is listed as a provincial and municipal key project, with a total investment of 50 billion yuan and an area of 3000 mu. It integrates exhibition, conference, hotel, business, office and other business forms. It can hold more than 100 exhibitions every year, with more than 3.5 million visitors and 10000 long-term direct jobs, Indirectly increase 50000 jobs, and it is expected to achieve an annual industry income of 3 billion yuan, driving Qingdao's new GDP of 20 billion yuan.

  • 2014年
    In the work of "returning the remains of Korean volunteers" in the national project of welcoming the remains of overseas martyrs for the first time, the memorial sculpture of Shenyang martyrs cemetery for resisting US aggression and aiding Korea was designed and produced.

    As one of the initiators and directors, the Chinese heroes praise Cause Promotion Association was established. China martyrs commendation association is a national, joint and non-profit social organization approved by the Ministry of civil affairs and under its leadership. It aims to build a bridge of cooperation between the government and society, contact compatriots at home and abroad, overseas Chinese and all patriots, carry out activities to promote the development of heroes and martyrs, excavate and publicize the deeds of heroes and martyrs, carry forward the spirit of heroes and martyrs, and make positive contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the cohesion of Chinese strength.

    Together with Indonesia's largest financial holding consortium, Indonesia Libao group and other well-known cultural capital at home and abroad, it plans to build West Beijing CBD in Shijingshan District, Beijing, and develop and build a high-end urban complex integrating medical treatment, education, tourism and business.

  • 2013年

    The famous documentary director in the United Nations has shot and completed China in the countryside. So far, he has won 12 awards including Huabiao award