China-belarus Industrial Park plays a leading role in THE EXPO

发布于: 2021-11-08 07:30

The networking on November 8, according to the champions league news agency reported, on November 5, by the embassy in belarus, white industrial park development company, Xinhua News Agency in national brand engineering office hosted white industrial park of Chinese medicine products in a press conference and the cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held in the 4th China international import expo.

Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central Government of the People's Republic of China in Macao SAR Yao Jian, Secretary General gong Xixiang of Xinhua News Agency, Chinese ambassador to belarus Xie Xiaoyong, belarus ambassador sast, belarus, vice minister of the economy, fund, belarus deputy health minister adela grams, jin tai court President, a new era of biological technology co., LTD., chairman of Cai Chuanqing etc attended the press conference by the site or online and has delivered a speech.

The black plague capsule by China jin tai wen courtyard medicine industry project research and development of biological medicine company (new era), in the suburb of belarus capital Minsk in white industrial park production, filled the gap of white industrial park in the traditional medicine industry, the park will also establish cultural exchange center and traditional medicine diagnosis and treatment center, And expanding the range of medicines produced using local herbs and plant materials.

Qingqing Capsule originated from the classic prescription in treatise on Febrillosis, a traditional Chinese medicine classic written 1,800 years ago. It is a new formulation of novel Coronavirus characteristics based on the successful experience in fighting malignant infectious diseases recorded in traditional Chinese medicine classics and modern medicine. It was granted the emergency drug use license by the Ministry of Health of Belarus on October 14, 2021. It has successfully treated a large number of COVID-19 patients and become an important strategic drug in Belarus.

The China-Belarus Industrial Park is a key economic and trade cooperation project jointly proposed and promoted by the leaders of China and Belarus. With the support of relevant government departments of the two countries, the China-Belarus Industrial Park has gradually become an industrial gathering platform for China and Belarus to expand regional cooperation and economic and trade exchanges, as well as an international production capacity cooperation and technological innovation platform under the Belt and Road Initiative. Up to now, 80 companies have entered the park, including New Era Biotechnology Co., LTD., which develops and produces anti-epidemic drugs.

As a social service institution directly under the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Jintai Cultural Institute has been committed to exploring the path of scientific, modern and international development of traditional Chinese medicine since its establishment. "In spite of the epidemic, our team went back to Minsk twice and actively promoted in-depth cooperation in planting, r&d and production of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in Belarus and Russia." CAI Chuanqing, president of the Institute, said they would organize the production of qingfu capsules in the China-Belarus Industrial park.

"TCM is now known as an effective means in the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus infections." Speaking at the launch of the new drug, Nikolai Snopkov, first Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, said that in a very short time, the Ministry of Health of Belarus registered the clear capsule as a strategic drug of belarus for the prevention and treatment of novel Coronavirus.

In June 2021, the Republic of Belarus signed a presidential decree on improving business conditions in the China-Belarus Industrial Park. According to the presidential decree, in the China-Belarus Industrial Park, enterprises can use traditional Chinese medicine to provide medical services without having to go through the mandatory registration of Belarus and obtaining the license for medical activities. "We see the future of the pharmaceutical industry in the combination of TCM wisdom and technological innovation." Nikolai Snopkov said.

CAI chuanqing said that jintai Cultural Institute will take the opportunity of the successful cooperation between China and Belarus in the development of special Chinese medicine to treat COVID-19 as an opportunity to vigorously promote the production of TCM anti-epidemic drugs in the China-Belarus Industrial Park and the TCM diagnosis and treatment center, and combine the ethnic medicine of the two countries with modern science and technology to better serve the people of China, Belarus and the world.

CAI said that the COVID-19 epidemic has dealt a heavy blow to the lives and health of all mankind and economic and trade cooperation around the world. Traditional Chinese medicine has played a huge role in the raging epidemic, and the rapid growth of the export of Traditional Chinese medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine is an opportunity for TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine to uphold innovation and serve the people of the world.

On the day of the release of qingfu capsule, THE Institute announced that it would jointly host the "World Traditional Medicine Culture Development Forum" in 2022 with the National Brand Engineering Office of Xinhua News Agency and the China-Belarus Industrial Park, and held the launching ceremony of the forum. Through this forum, we will bring together the strength of Chinese and foreign people from all walks of life, spread traditional Chinese medicine culture, deepen the integration and mutual learning of traditional Chinese medicine in the world, and speed up the pace of traditional Chinese medicine and Traditional Chinese culture going global.

"Today's TCM is an organic combination of tradition and innovation, attracting the attention of more and more countries and people around the world." Yuri Shenko, Belarusian Ambassador to China, believed that with the attention and support of the belarusian and Chinese governments, the Chinese medicine project will surely develop well and further explore the two major markets of the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union.

At the signing ceremony of cooperation in China-Belarus Industrial Park, Jintai Cultural Institute, New Era Biotechnology Co., LTD and Nanyue Group signed cooperation agreements. Zhou Xingting, chairman of Nanyue Group, introduced that Nanyue Group and Jintai Cultural Institute will jointly build a service platform for the whole industrial chain of international TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, and will jointly register, declare, produce and transform innovative Chinese medicine such as "Linglan Qingqing" in Macao Nanyue Science Park. (Bo Yuan, Yang Fuqiang)


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